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At Verdure a dedicated team has developed Aloe Essentials, Five body products for the natural nourishment of skin and hair. With sixteen years of experience in developing and positioning products within the body and hair-care market, we at Verdure have come to believe in the multiple benefits of the unique natural properties of Aloe Vera. Combining traditional knowledge and modern processing techniques, we have created a line of unique skin and hair-care essentials. In spite of all the “up- market” or aggressively branded skin and hair products on offer, more and more people around the world want to avoid using artificial and, in many cases, incrementally harmful chemicals comprising these, understanding which we provide one of the best quality of Aloe vera hair serum in Mumbai, India. Our country India of course has a long and enduring history of using plantology and botanics for healing and beauty.

With Aloe Essentials, Verdure recognises the global emergence of a discriminating demand for body products that are more gentle and at the same time more effectively nourishing. We carry the knowledge of traditional botanic and plant sciences forward creatively. Aloe Essentials uses natural extracts of Aloe Vera in combination with other plant extracts through modern distilling techniques that preserve and enhance their properties. High-quality species of Aloe Vera have been sourced from Rajasthan and Harayana regions that are specially conducive to the flourishing plant and which have successfully combined indigenous skills and harvesting traditions with modern expertise.We have been marketing Aloe Vera Hair Serum in Mumbai & India since a longtime & have good experience in formulating various Aloe Vera products.

ALOE VERA HAIR SERUM by Verdure provides the following features :

•  Stimulant Hair Tonic with Natural Herbals and Non Sticky Oil

•  Activates Hair Growth

•  Strengthens Hair Roots and arrests Hair Fall

•  Stops Hair Loss and Controls Dandruff

•  Can apply in the Morning / Evening or before / after bath to your convenience

•  Use the Oil along with our Aloe Vera Hair Shampoo for best results in controlling Hair Fall / Dandruff

As Aloe Vera is a cooling agent, it great helps in preventing dryness that often causes dandruff. It also has anti-fungal properties which stops dandruff and prevents it from reoccurring. As Aloe Vera helps in keeping the natural oil of hair in balance there will never be the problem of hair dryness. Also Aloe Vera Hair Serum brings a refreshing and cooling sensation to the scalp. Understanding all these advantages Verduer provide one of the best Aloe vera hair serum in Mumbai, India.

Our research has focused on Aloe Vera because of the benefits from its unique properties. Among other vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera contains Beta- carotene, retinol and vitamin E all known anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle elements. Lignin gives Aloe Vera strong penetrative powers making it a good moisturizer and oil for scalp massage. Saponin a natural soapy substance in Aloe Vera is anti- sceptic and cleansing thus excluding the need for harsh soaps and detergents. Modern extraction methods have been used to combine Aloe Vera with other plant extracts to enhance the products. Aloe Vera hair serum are very much beneficial for hair for men as well as women. Aloe Vera Body Lotion is enriched with Jojoba  and Wheatgerm Oil. Verdure’s Aloe Vera Face Wash and Body Wash is strengthened with Neem.

Being based in Mumbai, we source one of the best Aloe Vera Hair Serum for both women and men!!

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Disclaimer : The products mentioned in this website are toiletries and are not meant to be used as alternative for medicinal treatment


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